Travel.P #62 – Find me on the water baby

Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.

Will Rogers
Le Bordelle

After a week or two of preparation we finally managed to leave Port Saint Luis by our boat. The first three days on the boat in the water were spend in a very gentle sleep. I woke up multiple times of noises and sounds, checked for leaks and the ropes over and over again. I was too scared. I didn’t trust the boat at that time as much as I would like to. I guess when you repair a boat yourself, you don’t really feel a hundred percent safe, when you’re not a professional of course.

Well, well even that feeling slowly vanished. I soon felt like there won’t be a leak or a massive disaster. We set of on a nice day and our first stop was in the bay of Marseille. We went on shore for the evening to join a little rave on a little beach. The people were super friendly and we all had loads of fun. The next days we invited some more people over on the boat and made a trip to some tiny bays at the Calanques Massif. Big, white impressive stone. From there we made our way slowly along the stunning, and very different to look at coast. From white rock, to big cliffs, to huge red rock cliffs and hills. The underwater world was impressive to explore as well. Very rich and full of life.

Pretty much from Marseille to La Coitat was abandoned nature. From there more towns and cities were spread later side to side on the coast. The cote d’azur. An interesting place to more for a night was Giens. A very windy and exposed place. Nearly an island in the sea and famous for its great kitesurfing. From there we had strong winds against us and sailing was becoming more sportive and challenging. We kept a great course at great speed, with waves breaking over the front. Due to our ketch we were able to face the wind to over under 45 degrees. We kept on sailing until our front Jib tore in half and slowed down on mainsail and little sail. Apart from that, everything was working pretty good.

Once we arrived in Cannes/Nice we stayed again for a couple weeks. Had some explorations on land, Lorna and some friends came around. I was very surprised that actually Raja and a friend from Germany came all the way for a couple of days. Lorna and me camped on the Baou de Saint-Jannet, where Ced and Paulin came from. We also hung around at Paulins home, his parents where so lovely and their friends. They were all very nice and sypmathetic and we had a good time. The area itself was very strong, very rocky, but also very beautiful. From the top ouf our camp we could see over Nice and all its little light until the sea.

This area was also the area of the riches, so many incredibly expensive yachts, sailboats, and motorboats on one place. And when I speak of expensive I mean like 150 Million until 256 Million. Our boat parked along these giants looked more like an ant in an elephant areal. The towns and cities looked kinda like they had their best time maybe 40 years ago with ugly old architecture. What I really liked was Antibes, where we stayed multiple nights. One night, the big opening party of the boat with over 35 people on board. I was actually surprised no one drowned or sank anything. It was sometimes close with a nearly sunken dinghy and a few people that fell into the water, but apart from that it was great.

I have to say tho that my experience with French people is that their music taste has definitely a big load of space to improve. Haha, therefore the cheese is pretty good. After a few weeks in Cannes/Nice and a bit of sailing around we crossed with one of my brothers, Felix, on board to Corsika. Ahhh, so beautiful that place. Felix was completely seasick like 60% of the people on board. I had the late night/ early morning shift and woke up to stars and a calmer sea than during the 12 hour crossing. When I felt like I was having short naps, I woke up two others and they brought us safe to a little bay, where we stayed for two days. Felix left us during that time, caught his ferry home but I think he had a great time on board.

Lorna and me fishing (trying)

Corsika is not really France. It is more like the refuge of nature in middle Europe. Very little cities and loads of green. Crystal clear water, visibility to like 20 meters depth. The people themselves think to be no part of France as well. They are very proud people. The coastline is beautiful with a seeming even more interesting bit in the middle of the country with sharp mountains and green deep forests. Around Campomoro is where it was the last time that I saw the crew. Lorna and me got sick of living in the small place, with people drinking every night, rain and wind, too strong to be sailing. So I went home with her. We hitched and as destiny would help us, there was exactly one car that we randomly asked for a drive and they really drove in direction Ajaccio.

There is apparently a tiny chance to get a ride from that remote areas. After that we had another two people giving us a lift until we arrived at the train station that we had to run to, so we were able to catch the last train, going through the country to Bastia where our ferry would leave the next morning. Sadly we were not able to see loads of the ride, due to the fast approaching darkness in autumn. In Bastia we went to a lovely Pizzeria called ‘Chez Vincent’ where we had a last little dinner and slept between chairs and tables of the roofed outdoor area. Bastia seemed like a nice place as well. Very impressive and rocky again.


The next morning we woke up early, went down to the harbor, where we caught the gentle rocking ferry to Italy, where we got completely soaked, apparently no one gave us a lift so we ended up in the train to finally step into our Flixbus to Düsseldorf. I don’t have great memories of Italy, but I’d like to give it another chance and explore it better. I will always have one street in memory, next to the main street. A street full of people, where you could literally smell the criminality in the air. Even me, I was kinda scared there. I felt like I didn’t belong. Everywhere people dealing with drugs, on drugs and watchers on the corners, in case the police shows up. Very weird.

If I’d known that this would have been the last time I saw the crew, I would have properly said goodbye and taken my belongings with me. Why this was the case will you find out later on in my stories, when we wanted to meet up in Gibraltar and cross the Atlantic Ocean together. Also you will read about how I spend Christmas with my family and got a job as a chef de partie in England.

Get out for a walk and appreciate, the trees that are still around you.

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