Travel.P #63 – Home again, I like your cut G

Trust me, you can dance!

the beginning of a slow motion

After a long, long bus ride from Genoa to Cologne, and a bus nearly taking off without me, because I tried to fill the water bottle and was a bit late, nothing spectacular happened. At home we said hi to the fam, and spend a month together on Germany.

I showed Lorna around on a bike, to explore my area a bit. Since day one, I always cycle. I never take the car at home. The cold sunrays of autumn and its yellow, orange, red leave roof in the forests were accompanying us on nice days. In my region it is no problem to cycle with a Hollandbike, there are only tiny, wavy hills.

At the 11.11 I took her to Cologne, where we got completly smashed and found a whole 5 liter can, that didn’t belong to anyone of the thousands of people in the streets on that day. It was the beginning of the fifth season of the year – Carnival. People love it in Cologne and Duesseldorf, its huge there. So we got dressed and just waited where life took us. We had a great day.

Another day in cologne was sped at the chocolate museum. A crazy place of Lind, where it is able to follow the cacao bean from its origin to the final product, discovering its history and its bad sides of slave and child labor. 75% of the 5 million tonnes every year are harvested in West Africa, where Child labour was growing in some countries in 2008-09 when it was estimated that 819,921 children worked on cocoa farms in Ivory Coast alone; by the year 2013-14, the number went up to 1,303,009. During the same period in Ghana, the estimated number of children working on cocoa farms was 957,398 children. Because the farmers are so poor, environmental consequences such as deforestation are given little significance. If temperatures continue to rise through the Global Warming Catastrophe, West Africa could simply become unfit to grow the beans. Cocoa reaches back more than 4,000 years, it was consumed by pre-hispanic cultures along the Yucatán, including the Maya, and as far back as the Olmeca civilization in spiritual ceremonies.

Another time we fired our DIY pizza oven, and had a lovely pizza night with friends coming over. It takes a few hours until the oven is on temperature but once it is going it is really nice and warm, perfect for the pizza.

Just after a few weeks we really went to Cologne, and experience some nightlife, and really made it to the one and only Jan ‘paul’ Oberlaender! We really saw him. I was so happy, came across him the first time in Australia, because the son of a host was living in Berlin and we listened to him over there. I always wanted to see him, what a great experience. I can highly recommend Wuza im Kater – one of his mixes.

New Cut

After about a month Lorna went home. I think we spend too much time on a small space together and it was time for some for each on their own again. She went back to England, I stayed, cut my hair short and stayed for Christmas and a bit longer at home. I kind of felt like cutting the hair off. I felt like I am back in a society where I felt more appropriate with it. I also went to visit Felix in Cologne, we ate muffins and I was so OD it was a bit much, haha. Apart from that I was helping loads at home, like always when I am home. It is such a luxury that I can come to a place and know I have shelter for weeks to months. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to rent a flat for that short period and there is always loads to do at home. The rest was spend in the gym, with friends, or just hanging out. I missed hanging out. Traveling is exhausting. Sometimes it is good to pause for a while and center and focus again on your life. Before New Year we had our 5 days awake festival, where everyone could come around, eat pizza, have drinks, and play on two TVs while watching Darts WM and DJing some sets.

Techno night

Christmas with the fam was gold. I missed it, so chilled out. Super realxed.

After New Year Lorna and me made some plans, and we managed to get myself into an interview for a chef de partie position in Steam in Coniston, Lake District, UK. I took my flight in February and managed to get the job. My first time as a real chef. I loved it, it was very hard and loads to learn. Just what I like. Apart fromt our head chef , she was a dragon and everything was a bit unorganized, it was fine. I worked for a whole month, preparing food, started and desserts and keeping the team motivated with good vibes. I lived with Lorna in the little shepherds hut in the garden. It is so small and cozy, we love it. Sometimes it is a bit stressful the family life but man it is so beautiful there and actually everyone is really nice on their own way. The Old Man, had snow on its top and everything looked so beautiful. I love the lake district.

During that time was when Covid – 19 slowly approached from the East. The UK was fairly ignorant, which was great in my opinion. Till today Sweden is very ignorant of the virus. It is in my opinion one of the best ways to deal with it. People have to be healthy to survive. This is the rule of nature. There is no hiding or running away. It is your responsibility to be heathy and take care of you as a human being, and not to eat rubbish or smoke, drink, get fat and don’t move all day.

I think the people that are scared and sensitive should be looked away if they are okay with it, but why does everyone else, that has no fear, or problem with the virus has to be looked away as well? Like this there will always be waves of people getting sick. But once everyone is “ill”, the virus is really not as bad as the news are telling us, than there will be an end in sight. I also think that masks are not ideal. We are more exposed to mouth breathing in it. Just try it out. So our nose won’t filter, and we will get all the bad heath problems coming with mouth breathing. This is my personal opinion. I had the virus and my friends as well. I travelled through a country where the virus was spreading and honestly, if the news wouldn’t make it as big as they are, no one would recognize a difference, for real. I might be very wrong here, that’s cool, teach me different, its just so far my experience. The solution is to be more aware of our health and focus more on what we are, a part of nature and not its master or its enemy. We are one, and by eating rubbish and stressing out about our daily schedules, massive EMf exposure, no fitness, we were pushed out of our natural way, without really realizing it. If now we protect the ones that were ignorant, that are weak because of their own choice, there will not be a change. Sometimes the experience of pain teaches us, to not do the same thing again. I don’t want anybody to die on a horrible way, but also dying is part of life. It is the same like getting older, or being born. You can’t avoid it, it is normal. And in the end there is nothing to take with you but your memories of life. Think about it.

More about my Covid – 19 experience in the UK and my job, lockdown, living not on purpose at friends in Bristol – which was awesome -, and Lorna and me living in the holiday cottage and repairing it from the bottom to the top next time, see you soon, about Gibraltar, where I wanted to join the boat to cross the ocean and how everything fell apart, trust, friendship and investment of time and material.

Wake up and before you touch the ground tell yourself “THIS DAY IS GONNA BE FUCKING LIT!”.

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