Travel.P #48 -Along the coast into the Land

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Mahatma Gandhi

After a calm night at the river, we hung out for a while, had a look at the Te Waikoropupū Springs. The horizontal visibility of the constantly 11.7 °C cool water in the springs has been measured at an average of 63 metres, since 2011, however, the record holder for fresh water clarity is Blue Lake, in the Tasman District. The springs are famous for the volume of water discharged from the eight main vents. It is estimated that 14,000 litres of water are produced per second, approximately enough to fill 40 bathtubs. It looks amazing how a river is formed out of seemingly nothing. The sand on the spring floors is getting expelled from smaller vents, also known as the ‘dancing sands’, but since the water is holy it is not allowed to touch or swim in it. I have never seen water this clear and beautiful before.

Waikoropupu is the legendary home of the female Taniwha, beings that live in deep pools in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea, especially in places with dangerous currents or deceptive breakers (giant waves). Her name Huriawa, one of the three main taniwha of Aotearoa, the Maori name of New Zealand. She is a diver of land and sea, travelling deep beneath the earth to clear blocked waterways. She is brave and wise and believed to still rest in the waters of Waikoropupu, when she is not away attending to business.

After walking around those springs we left Takaka an started driving over the Takaka Hill. The views on the other side were amazing. The play of the sun shining into the bent atmosphere of our planet made a beautiful colorful play on the sky, with clouds and mountain scenery a wonderful picture.

Lorna taking a hot bath.

Some parts of the road were washed away and roadworks were getting done, so at some points we had to wait and watch the sun fading away.

Campsite just next to the beach, with hot Chicks, sheesh.

We arrived late at the campsite and went straight to bed. The next day we went for a little swim in the seemingly never ending shallow water. From there we locked for dry wood to take a hot bath in the bathtub just at the beach. A lovely little corner were Lorna and me hung out for a few hour. Those bath really work great and its kind of old-school to heat the water with fire. But again, sometimes it is getting too hot, that is when you have to add cold water, otherwise you will get cooked.

Little addition from our Wanaka time.

After our hot bath we tried to put tinted window stuff on our van, and if you ever did it without a single bubble than you definitive know what you are doing. Even with two people, all the tutorials, help and pretty much all the cheats we could find, we didn’t do a single window without mistakes. It is an incredibly hard job to do, but in the end all windows were tinted not perfectly but it did the job. We used water spay, flat pieces to start moving the air from the inside to the outside, carpet-knife, heat, everything, haha it was so, so hard.

We were trying to advertise the van on Facebook, to sell it to someone that is gonna keep it safe and treat it well, and to get some money back we spent into it. Still so proud that we converted the whole van ourselves, nearly completely out of recycle.

From Takaka, we went to Nelson for some little food supplies and from there we started driving south, and than west towards the Westcoast. The drive was lovely again, along forests and rivers. And than at some the landscape is getting flat and the Ocean is opening in front of you, when driving south all the time to your right, with mountains to your left. So beautiful. Here and there you pass a Town or a little City and than you drive again, with the windows open, one hand at the wheel, elbow out of the window, one feet up or as passengers both feet up, enjoying the wind, scenery and music from a speaker, because the radio didn’t have aux in.

Grey Gorge Hokitika

Our goal was the Hokitika Blue Gorge. But it was more like Hokitika Grey Gorge, due to massive rains the ‘rock flour’ was probably washed down in bigger amounts than usual, or the light was not right, well anyway it was grey. That was very disappointing for Lorna, but we just made fun of it and drove to the Westcoast to see a beautiful sunset. Somehow it really doesn’t matter where you are in New Zealand, sunsets are always great.

We slept at a little overcrowded camper-van spot next to the road, went to sleep and slept deep and calm, next to the road. Sometimes disturbed by truck lights but mostly fine, due to our curtains and professionally tinted windows now.

We actually wanted to go south over the Bridge towards Wanaka, but the whole bridge got washed away, so we had to go back north and drive over the 73 Arthurs Pass, a nice road to take over the Mountain Range towards the east coast. Somewhere on the top we stopped, to go trough an underwater gorge system. The water was Icy cold and if you turned your lights off, all you ha to orientate yourself was the feeling of your hands on smooth walls and the sound of never ending water pouring down the stream. I don’t want to imagine getting trapped in there and surprised by a rainstorm.

After a while we actually made it to the entrance, since we entered through the exit. It was an awesome experience, very interesting and different to things I had experienced so far. It felt amazing to see the light of the sun again, and warming up in its lovely sun rays. Especially because everything was foggy and cloudy when we arrived, but when we emerged the underground stream we were surprised by clear sky and sun. After making some hot tea to warm us from the inside we took a few pictures of the area.

The descending of the pass went smooth, here and there we nearly reached snow level. From there we went south again. One of my favorite areas to drive through in New Zealand. We went to stop at both lakes and shot a few cool pictures. Lorna and me are trying to get better at photography, maybe you will see some great shots one day on my blog.

My Boy does Yoga

We stayed at the lakes for a night, I even saw the top of Mount Cook this time. In the morning we did some yoga some more shots and left towards Wanaka.

Ah driving to Wanaka always feels like driving home. Since I worked and lived there for half a year and had a wonderful time there. This time we came to see Kate and go for a hike together. We went to do the Liverpool Hut Track. A lovely hike far away from everything, only cows, mountains, a river, some waterfalls and a lovely track until 85 percent at least. From there it nearly ascends as steep as a wall for like an hour or two, until you reach the top. But from there you have amazing views over the Mountains, the Valley and can find shelter, exhausted in the Hut. We could see Mount Aspiring covered in a blanked of snow and Ice. When we set up it was cloudy and dark but than later it became very nice and after our stay and horrible night, due to some little idiot snoring so fucking loud that I nearly didn’t sleep, we were able to go for a little swim in the river. We watched calves trying to cross the river with support of their mothers, it was very interesting to see how the mothers were waiting in the river downstream of their calves, being very patient with them.

Mount Aspiting or Tititea – “Glistening Peak” or the Matterhorn of the South for its pyramidal peak. With 3033 m it is the highest outside the Aoraki/Mt Cook Region.

View over the valley.

The Mount- Aspiring-Nationalpark is a protected 3555 km square protected area since 1964 and together with other ares a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, called Te Wahiponamu. Also the Mountain was used for a scene in the Lord of the Rings of Peter Jackson.

Te Wāhipounamu “the place of greenstone”, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1990 and covering 26,000 km², the site incorporates 4 areas an is thought to contain some of the best modern representations of the original flora and fauna of Gondwana, a Supercontinent about 550 million years ago, one of the reasons for its listing as a World Heritage site.

Soo that’s it for today. Next time I’ll tell you more about our road trip. It was slowly coming to an end. Before that we went to see the kitchen at my old job and Kate living in her new house. Of course we went to Wastys as well. From Wanaka we went south then, but more about that anther time. About amazing views, gorges and the Milford sound. About a lovely hike and a last chill out at a lovely campsite. The stress of travelling and the feeling of parting again and flying home. Parting from all this beauty I was writing all my blogs about. But don’t worry. It won’t stop, there are more stories to come!

Finishing this Blog with Charlie from N’to and getting ready for work now. Apparently at home the stores are getting empty due to the corona virus. We don’t feel anything of it up here, isolated of news and cities. I just saw the stock markets break together due to respect of the virus, maybe the huge bubble is gonna explode now and we will go through another crash.

I also finished my book and started a knew one about gut and grains. Bread or gluten really should be only a minuscule amount of every diet, especially gluten should be nearly to zero. Maybe try to fast for a month or a week on bread and see how you feel. If you wanne go hard than fast for few month and check how you will feel.

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