Travel.P #45 – Back to my real Love

“Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn. Forth, Eorlingas!”

J. R. R. Tolkein

Leaving flooded, dry and hot Australia towards New Zealand made me actually quite happy. I found Australia awesome, but way to big to explore for one year so I was find to dump my working holiday visa and return to New Zealand for another two weeks.

Left the dry areas of Australia.
Right the white mountaintops of New Zealand.

Lorna was a bit late to pick me up from the airport, but that was completely fine with me. I was so happy to see her driving in the van. Parking the Van at the drop off area with emergency lights, giving me a big hug and helping me to store my things in the back and we left. Next to all the mess in the back that Lorna brought with her from the campsite.

Little tradition before parting with someone at the airport.

We wanted to go to a hut we booked with a fire heated bathtub near paradise road, but the rivers were too high so we couldn’t reach it due to heavy rain. We used the rainy day to make a plan, sorting the mess out and driving north to Rohan, were it was sunny and dry. I loved that area, so far one of the most beautiful nature I have seen in my life. Before Rohan we stopped at Greta Hut for two nights, we arrived at night and it was still raining.


We stayed there for the night with mice running around. It was a lovely little shelter, we lit a little fire in the fire place and fell asleep.

Greta Hut is near Ohao, a wonderful place and hopefully never really a hot spot by tourists. The next day we found a hot bathtub there and some dry wood with that we were able to fire it. At first the water was super cold but then with some time got hotter and hotter. Lucky we were just a few steps from the lake so we were able to top it up with cold water and have a little refreshing swim in the ice cold water of the lake, all the while sun covering our naked body. Freedom is a great feeling, and being naked is definitely an expression or an urge to be when you feel fully relaxed and calm. Here and there we put some more wet wood under the bathtub, but due to the hot amber it was being burned without any problems, ah what a great day. No one there, just us, in the nature, surrounded by incredibly beautiful views and mountains over the deep blue lake and mountains reflected in its clear surface.

Last sun over Rohan.

Later on a group of backpackers, actually from Germany arrived. They worked in the salmon farm and came to fish and eat a bit on their day off, they were great and had to tell us a few funny stories of the place and working in the salmon farms. After another calm night, we packed our things, had a little breakfast, took in the view and left towards Rohan, which we decided very spontaneous.

“Should we go or not, should we go or not? We have to go now there is the road, okay we passed it… Ah fuck it, lets go back and have a look.”

Topping up at a cheap Petrol-station.

The more we drove into Rohan the more stunning and empty the are became until the farms and little hotels vanishes and only open fields lay ahead of us. The sun played and amazing natural light and shade theater for us, raying through the steep mountaintops into helms deep, over little rivers, and flat yellow grass areas that spread all over the place surrounded by mountains. It was a beautiful mix of brown, black, grey yellow and blue with white bits mixed gentle in a painting of natures stunning beauty. All observed from where the King of Rohan had his House. It really looked all like in ‘the lord of the rings’.

When we came down from the hill, the sun was hiding behind a blanket of mountains, taking the light of the day with her and falling asleep accompanied by red clouds in the sky. That’s when we went to the van and cuddled up in the cold back of ‘Chui’. We though it might be cool to watch Lord of the Rings at this place, and sometimes have a glimpse at the stars. Later we fell asleep, into a deep peaceful undisturbed state far away from everything, in the dark, surrounded by mountains, a quiet river, a few cows, and the millions of stars above our heads.

The next morning we set off towards Kaikoura, I think my favorite place in New Zealand. It was a long drive but we enjoyed it, since driving in New Zealand is not really a boring thing to do. We drove along the road, mountains to the left and in the distance to the right far over the green flats, where the cows are grazing, the ocean, New Zealands east coast. It was cool to drive close to the mountains that I had as a panorama for a few months when I worked on the farm in Canterbury.


We over turquoises rivers, green hills, lonely and packed highways, over still recovering highways from the earthquake until we came to see the mountains and finally the Ocean. Short after the Ocean we arrived in Kaikoura. We stayed on the south bit for the first day. Went there for a little walk that I took before with Lean and spend the night there, close to the beach, after we had dinner at the water storage on top of the hill, watching the sun setting behind the steep mountains. The next day we went a bit through Kaikoura and hung out until we decided we wanted to go for a walk, a two days walk.

Seas of Golden Grass

Arriving at the parked place we figured out we might be to late and the weather wasn’t great so we slept there and started early and refreshed the next morning on our two day hike.

Greta Hut

But more about that beautiful as well as horrible hike in my next blog entry. I will describe how close hate and love, conquering and loosing, pain and joy, and inner fighting is able to challenge you on a hike. I was so angry and later on so happy. I will tell you about driving towards the west coast, and towards Takaka, Abel Tasman.

Little breakfast before leaving Ohao

Here I am, laying on the ground next to the fireplace, while I am listening to Emerald Rush, trying to work on my Spotify playlists. I am in Coniston, Nord England, Lake District, where I am living with Lorna in a small Shepherds hut, on her families property. The view is great and today it snowed, well during the night. It is raining since pretty much January. I didn’t join the boat, well I tried but maybe for a reason it failed in Gibraltar. I actually think I found a Job here, working for a little lovely restaurant as a sou chef while Lorna is working and managing the whole front of house by pretty much herself so far. I think I got some time now to write and catch up, maybe even up to date. We gone see.


Why don’t you go for a swim, maybe with some friends. The sauna or the gym is another alternative. Keep yourself fit, in your body and your mind.

Finally able to live in this baby

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