Travel.P #43 – living of grid

Aspire to inspire before we expire

Broken Home

After waking up early, working in the morning chilling out and working later again the days started to pass. Sometimes we went to town. One time for the Melon Festival. It was crazy. Countless Melons, people drifting through melons, fighting and eating everywhere you looked. Later on there was even a stunt show of really massive Motocross jumps from a kicker of the back of a truck, they were pretty impressive ad did all kind of stunts. We got the car of our host to drive to town. It was a great day, we just absorbed everything and felt that those people living further of the coast here are very different to the ones at the coast. Way more bogan, they live in their own little world and are fine with it, as it seemed.

A few days later our mother host lost a wheel while bringing the kids to school, so the car was broken. All we were able to move in was a jeep and the truck now. Luckily no one got hurt, because she drove slow when it happened. Quite lucky for us, because it could have happened to us as well, and we mentioned a weird noise coming from the wheel but no one acted after we mentioned it. And we kinda drove fast, due to the empty streets over there. Except at night, because we were to scared to hit a Kangaroo.

Worker of the month: Tony.

We organized on our days off some BBQ with friends of our host. They all had a Philippine wife, it was quite funny to see. They all hung up together and talked in their own language. Everyone brought food, Philippine dishes, since they were all house wife’s. Oh damn, the kitchen is so good, loads of unknown dishes that I tried. Fish that is not allowed to eat in Australia, since it is a pest, is suddenly a special dish from the Philippines, sweetened rice squeezes into a triangle shape as dessert, very tasty meat and salads.

Tony working hard again.

One friend was a farmer, with a massive property, where he lost a lot of food due to the dry hot weather. Another one was the bus driver of the kids, and another one was as far as I know not pensioned. They all were really nice, like their wife’s. Funny tho to see everyone being white with a brown, yellowish skin colored woman. How little kids played there was amusing to me. 12 year old can drive a car around the massive property, the damn was more like a small lake. younger children were driving on little quads and cross bikes around. So crazy how the activities from families in rural areas differentiate to families from towns or cities.


At another friends party Tony and me went to the swimming pool, where we were allowed to swim for free, so nice. On our way back we picked some pickles from the cactus, but didn’t release that they were super sitingy with small stings hidden everywhere. Tony bit straight into a fruit and had them all over his mouth and lips, while I picked them with my shirt and had them all over the shirt and my fingers. On the party I didn’t have a shirt anymore, because I couldn’t put it on again, I felt quiet awkward but couldn’t change it, literally, where as tony was not able to close his mouth, haha.

Hosted Workers and Kids of Hosts

On our way back from the party we saw Emus running around, man they are huge and can get pretty fast. One day we went to town and a friend was there, who stole some sun lotion in the store. Later the officer caught him and he had to stay at the prison until late, hahaha. Poor fella. Stealing is bad and it will never get better. Sometimes I ask myself who is stealing tho. Companies selling expensive products, the markets not taking vegetables that look a bit weird, so they leave them on the fields, markets not giving their bin food to people in need, the state telling you to work all your life for a low pension, paying to high taxes, pharma industries making healing harder and harder through subscriptions instead of telling the ‘customers’ to eat healthy, (where healthy eating was or is put simply wrong by governments), getting enough sleep, walking barefoot, telling us to use sun lotion, telling is to use skin products with petroleum, same for shampoo and toothpaste, 5G nuking us, WiFi on a frequency that is influencing us. The list goes on and on, in the end probably towards all of us stealing from little mother earth.

Me in the mud hole. I didn’t dare to go into the other hole, only with a strong rope in my hand attached to something strong, it might have swallowed me.

I enjoyed sitting in the little truck at night, windows open and feeling the cooling wind blowing through my hair and face. The engine was loud and we were charging through the seemingly never ending roads into the unexpected dark, always mindful and focused on the road, in case of kangaroos. Wallabys and Kangaroos make up 90% of all animal collisions in Australia. It is vital that drivers keep a lookout for wildlife on the road, particularly on country roads and rural areas. We luckily never crashed one, but a few times it was close, you never know how the ones next to the road are gonna react, if they might run into the car or hopefully jump to the side of the road. The stars in that area looked amazing, I could watch them from the truck until we came into the rural area, where roads went everywhere through the dry bush so that it is easy to get lost until we arrived safe and tired at the properties of our hosting family. There I brushed my teeth, went through the dark forest, every time scared to run into a huge spider net or getting challenged by the Kangaroos hoping around through the leaves in the quiet darkness of the bush. Once arrived at my broken hammock, laid out on the table so I can still sleep mosquito protected, I fast fell asleep.

New Hairstyle

One day in town we showed our host how to trash dive and found 70 packages of melted M&M chocolates. From that day on we ate like a whole pack each day, it was horrible but so goooood, especially when it came straight out of the freezer and it was boiling hot outside.

Because I was working outside, and walking barefoot as much as I could stand the hot ground, walking through dry forests and sleeping outside, swimming outside I got more and more used to spider and snakes and so on. It felt great to have respect but don’t panic when I saw a massive spider or was working all day in a room with wasps. You just let them do their thing and leave them space and you will be alright.

Area of the Property

We continued cobbing, and learned more about it’s technique. By the time I left I was confident and wanted to continue cobbing somewhere else. Short before I left I found a nice place with Son and Max, closer to the coast, but still in a relatively dry area of volcano stones and ground, where I will be helping on a farm, raising and training therapy dogs. Living in the back of an converted horse trailer in which they took their horses to runs. It was a lovely very peaceful time with great stories to tell you about.

Next time a friend is asking your for help, don’t think long. Just take your time and help out. Helping makes everyone happy and you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time. Friends look after all after each other.

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