Travel.P #41 – What is Workaway – The way of Zen

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Lovely chill out spot on the property.

Once I arrived at the meeting point, where I am gonna meet up with the the two lovely people from the yoga and zen meditation retreat, I was one day early, so I hung out in the library. It was a hippy vibe town, I really liked it. Very green, a small river going through the town. Lovely little shops and very calm and relaxed people. Later then I took my hammock and slept in a small forest bit. In general the nature at and around that place was amazing. The town was on top of a hill and you could see so far. Breathtaking views over the national park, green trees and hills or big boulders reaching towards the blue sky, that was later mostly grey, due to the beginning of the rain season.

After a mosquito rich night, lucky I got a hammock with a net, I packed my stuff and left towards town again, where I got picked up in an old red 4 wheeler. But I wasn’t alone. Matthew from the states got picked up as well. It was us that were gonna live together on the retreat for the next two weeks. He was a bit taller than me, orange hair and very kind.

After a fifteen minute drive we reached the property. In the middle of a small forest. The property was lovely. It had a very far eastern atmosphere. Buddha statures and beautiful flowers, lovely trees and grass. An amazing porch, from that I enjoyed my free time, reading a book and enjoying the view or making fun of the chicken gang of our neighbor, haha.

The property got a lots of energy by solar panels and drinking water by the rain. My frst time living in a house that catches the rain in huge tanks and pumps it following through the pipes and finally taps and showers of the house.

My little visiting friends every day

Mat and me had each a little lovely bunk. A sliding mosquito door and a bathroom. Luxury shiiiit. My days usually went like this:

Wake up, do some yoga and meditation, start to work, have a little brekky, work again and finally have lunch all together and share fun stories about the day, or interviewing R. and F. Later than a little work again, some chill out, some more meditation and finally a shower and dinner.

Worker of the week award goes toooo:

The view was amazing. I loved just staring on the bush, fog in the morning, trees beeing shaken by wind, rain dropping loud on leaves and splashing everywhere, birds crossing the valley. I think I have never been so calm and actually peaceful ever before in my life. It was amazing, to connect to your spirit and really trying to find out more about me. Of course two weeks was way too short, but still it was nice to dip my toes in the deep water. One day I might dive to the ground.

Working was fun. We saw some really crazy animals. An ant of 5 cm with huge pincers, spiders and a snake. Those were exceptional animals, the ant was really amazing, as was the funnel web spider that crawled out the bush we took apart with bare hands, since you’re not an Aussie if you work with gloves, haha.

The story about the snake was quite funny. I went for a wee in the bush, we made a track through it. So I went to the end and tried it out. Watching the fading sun through the leaes of the trees I was having a wee. But than once I started to look down where I actually was peeing, I was peeing on a curled up black and yellow snake, probably a tiger snake, damn that was a shock, but luckily it stayed clam and I didn’t get attacked. In the end it was a funny story tho. I felt a bit bad for this really beautiful animal, but it didn’t seem to bother it.

Wow what a beautiful funnel web, its quite big, way bigger than the black widow.

On our days of we went to town or just hung out. Sometimes we explored the area a bit and ended up at a waterhole by a river at a waterfall. It was like the local swimming pool. All the young people were there, it was really cool. With a few rope-swings people were doing the most crazy jumps, wow really impressive stuff.

Rope swing jump, shit that was fun!

Work was very physical and tiring but F. usually cooked us a lovely meal, that helped recover our energy. The hosts were so far one of the greatest I had and I am very grateful for their time. And usually it was warm and not rainy. Being outside everyday since I arrived in Australia made me get more and more happy. Don’t understand me wrong, I love cuddling up on a rainy cold day, read, do music or watch a movie, but since I was living on the streets or more on a beach, haha, I didn’t have the chance to be inside all day.

R. gave us some brochures so we started learning more and more about yoga and Zen meditation. To the day I am still practicing it both. It lets me stay focused longer and I feel very balanced. Everything changes your life, sometimes a little sometimes a lot and this experience put me on a different direction, that I am very grateful for. Your mind is so interesting, one time I managed to get so deep that everything was calm and I could talk to myself. Like having a conversation with you. I asked a question and felt like there is now coming a normal answer, but no I was really surprised by the answer my mind or whatever it was gave me. Not at all what I expected. And that’s the weird thing. I thought I’ll steer the answer but I didn’t, and also that moment change me a little again.

Meditation and Yoga is massively underrated in our westernized minds. Most of us are interested in moving, doing, acting, fearing, hustling, always moving, spinning, spinning, spinning, input, output and due to over stimulation and stress never connecting with us. Taking time to listen to your soul, to calm your mind and to merge body with mind, is not even an option, even tho this is you, not your job, your car, or your followers.

Yoga Gs at Work

With that note I’m finishing my blog entry and hope you’ll be around next time. I will tell you about leaving R and F. About my hitchhike back more into center of Australia. From green and rain, to red sand and dry, burning areas. From nature to mines. From this lifestyle to a complete different way of living, I never was able to imagine. But more about that next time.

Meditating, even if we don’t get taught how to do it is awesome. Just sit down, comfortable and watch your thoughts without emotions, later on focus on your breath.

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