Travel.P #40 – Noosa, the different way to live on the street – a beach

Die with memories, not dreams. 

5 star Camp in Noosa

Waking up by steady raising temperatures I started climbing out of my hammock. The sun was shining merciless on the beach 5 meters of my sleeping place. I left my camp, put on some shorts, went down the dune and for a swim in a wavy sea. Surfers and swimmers were already surrounded by water, kids and parents where setting up there towels on the beach and the surf rescue was watching the people carefully. Past the beach I saw the seemingly never ending ocean. Left and right along the beaches where dunes and further up houses and streets. I slept good and my bag was already nearly dry of the rain at night.

The swim was very refreshing and the waves were strong. I was surprised how strong the riptides were. It was the first time I felt some and they were so strong that I could only swim to in one direction. Later on I heard that a guy died there swimming at night. Crazy.

just at the beach, I loved it

I loved living at the beach. Showers free gas BBQs and toilets were 5 minute walk from my camping spot. The sunrise was amazing and the reverse sunset was magic. I loved to come back from a trip somewhere in Noosa, walking bear feet over the cold sand. Laying down for a few minutes, listening to the Ocean and watching the stars above me. So peaceful, so calm. No one but me. When I went to town to see my friends or just to hang out and walk a bit, I had the awesome opportunity to walk through the small national park in Noosa, A small hill at the ocean, covered in trees and lovely beaches. To do yoga there was great. I liked that little park. The trees were beautiful and the rocks got smashed by tall waves, letting the water splash high and cool you down. And you had to cool down. While I stayed there it was not possible to walk through sand for longer than a minute, because it was so hot. Swimming was a bad idea as well, the sun would have grilled you like a sausage. So most people hung out at sunset or in shady bits at the beaches. I also had my first an so far last surf over there. Surfing parallel to the sunset. I really enjoyed that, even if I only surfed one little wave, haha. It is weird, I really like the sport, but somehow I am not practicing it. It is a bizarre thing, you feel really attracted by something but you don’t approach it, so weird. Mh maybe one day, surely!

Cash and food was easy going in Noosa. I checked the bins every two days, so I never had to buy any food. I didn’t drink or smoke. It really makes a big difference in your pocket if you stay low on drugs like sugar, alcohol or pot. In the end I would say, the life is way nicer to restrict these things to a very rare moments. A lot of times we even had so much food that we gave loads to the hostel, a friend was staying at. The volunteers at the hostel were looking crazy at me when I told them how I am living, but to me this seems actually very comfortable, productive and free. It is an amazing feeling. Waking up without anyone able to contact you, unless over a phone number, no flat rate, so you think about what to do and just start in your day. There is nothing that is gonna stop you. You just walk of your camp with a small bag and the most important valuable things in it and off you go, adventure time. Time to be alive, its great.

After two amazing weeks in Noosa and very nice experiences I felt like mooving on and learning some cool stuff, so I asked around at WORKAWAY and found a Yoga and Zen retreat with two lovely old people I could help out for two weeks. So I packed my stuff, left to a hitchhike spot and met some awesome people, crazy people, grounded people giving me lifts towards my destination. But moore about that in my next blog.

Next time I’ll tell you about my yoga retreat experiences and living in a small paradise. I loved it so much and had so far one of my travel highlights over there. I am very thankful for what I learned and what I experienced there.

Library Day with my mate from Brisbane, we traveled together to Noosa where we hung out for a bit.

Why don’t smile to everyone you gonna meet this week, even when ur sad, just smile.

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