Travel. P #39 – Gerion to Brisbane

It’s kind of beautiful to sit inside a bus and see a city from the windows.

Yung Lean

I slept on my blue yoga mat. The white carpet next to me was clean and soft. I was cold and felt tired. People were waking up and leaving to work. My friends offered me to sleep on the couch but I preferred it that way, because I felt less taking and I actually like to sleep on a hard surface. You get used to it. I shared my room with Felix, a German flatmate of Gerion. The flat was supposed to be habituated by 4 people, thou 6 were living in it and this night 7 sleeping there. So Felix had his bed in the living room. Next to that was the small balcony and on the other side of the living room the entrance and a big open kitchen. And so to say in between you could walk past a table to the toilet and two dorm rooms. The flat was not amazing, but the fact that it was in Sydney central, the 35th level and including a gym, pool and sauna made it incredible.

After leaving the flat in the morning, I took a train out of Sydney towards my next destination: Brisbane. 915 km away north of me. The train ride was calm and through big green pools of trees around brown water lakes, rivers and creeks. It is amazing how close all this green was to Sydney. It seems like Sydney was surround or trapped in by it . My first hitch took me a bit closer to Brisbane and dropped me on the highway. After 10 minutes and no lift from there, it started monsoning rain down on me. After 2 minutes I was drenched to my underpants, wow the amount of rain was amazing. After another 10 minutes in the rain a guy taking the exit of the highway nearly passed me, but then sudden hit the breaks so that all tires were blocked and he started drifting next to me. All just to stop, tell me to hop in and bring me a few km further at another spot to continue hitching. The best about it was that by than, it had stopped to rain. I really appreciated that guy. He was very kind, had a dog in the back of his van and liked to travel his own country, Australia. At the moment he was working thou.

After wishing each other the best we parted and I climbed the entrance to the highway and started walking along the road, while going thump up that it started burning in my shoulder towards Brisbane on the highway. After a few hundred meters a big lorry nearly hit me and stopped just in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. A trucker stopping for a hitchhiker. Amazing. I thought that they will never ever give anyone a lift, after the new insurance rule and I really asked a lot of truckers before and had no chance to catch a ride. It was a transporter, on the far back was a broken car and further ahead a 6 meter long big tank for a new house.

Bed for the night

I ran to the door and opened it and shouted in disbelief if he is really gonna give me a lift, and yes he did. A man around 50. Some of his teeth were missing. His scalp was half bald and here and there covered with short black hair. He told me he came from the Islands, but I forgot from which one. I even forgot his name. He was really nice and we talked a lot. He invited me for food and even offered me to sleep at in the other bunk bed in the truck. We spend around 9 hours on the road. The moment he told me, that he will go all the way to Brisbane and he is gonna bring me there was amazing. The longest ride of my life so far. Also my first time in a Freigthliner. A really nice sounding truck with a big range gearbox. We rode past banana farms and a lot of other fruit farms. When it became night and we had to stop and sleep, I slept on the trailer in the broken car. That was really cool. I slept surprisingly good up there. In the morning I had to do a little yoga though, because I was too stiff from that night.

The next day we went together to a town further off the coast to drop off the tank at a construction site. I felt like I was a little trucker. He told me to stay in the truck and be calm, because they might ask why is he driving around with a backpacker. After they took off the tank with a crane we left again. Driving through big forests and hills that we finally reached Brisbane. From there I managed to hitchhike into center, took a train from there to the cheapest hostel at the coast and explored the area a bit.

Writing on Blogs in the hostel.

Brisbane is a town of nearly 2.3 Million people. It lays at the Brisbane River who’s estuary is the coral sea. Because of it’s humid subtropical climate with hot, wet summers and moderately warm winters, Brisbane is a famous city for tourism. With 32,2% of its metropolitan population being foreign born, it is also ranked as a world city.

What I liked about Brisbane was that it wasn’t directly set at the coast and its cbd was crossed by the big river. I also liked the ferry system. Loads of ferries crossing the river for you for little money. An in the cbd, just next to the river, there was a free swimming pool. Super crazy. I also liked the GOMA Museum that we checked, with again very interesting and educating facts about depressing and killings of Aborigines. But also a lot of art I didn’t really understand, haha.


The hostel where I lived was boring and ugly so I didn’t spent too much time there. So I left Brisbane and hitched my way north to Noosa Heads with a friend that I met in my hostel. We hitched past Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast and Coolum Beach. Latest after that, you would have known that Australians east coast is overpopulated and a hot spot for tourism. Hughe Hotel Blocks next to each other just 20 meters of the beach, very ugly and not inviting at all for someone like me, haha. We arrived at like 3 p.m. in Noosa and my friend checked into the hostel he will volunteer in for 2 weeks from then. Later on I left and made my way to the beach ‘Sunshine Beach’, where he joined me later. We chilled out there watching the stars for a few hours until he left back to his hostel. I stayed at the beach, unpacked my yoga mat and cuddled into my sleeping bag. While watching the stars I fell asleep. The sound of the strong waves brought me into a deep sleep from that I only awoke by a rain shower. I Packed all my stuff, climbed the dune and set up my hammock in the small bush. Sheltered of rain I fell asleep again, this time in my dump sleeping bag.

Next time I will tell you about me, waking up at this beautiful long beach, that became my home for the next 2 weeks. Why I loved living there and about dumpster diving in Noosa as well as Australia Day and my first surf. About beautiful big spiders and lovely hikes in the heat. About my first time snorkeling and the first time swimming with strong riptides in my life.

This week, always when you feel like sugar, grab a hand of nuts, or make yourself a warm tee, and rest for 15 minutes until you decide if you really want the sweets or not.

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