Travel.P #37 – Bye, Bye Melbourne

One of the big questions in the climate change debate: Are humans any smarter than frogs in a pot? If you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, it won’t jump out. Instead, it will enjoy the nice warm bath until it is cooked to death. We humans seem to be doing pretty much the same thing.

Jeff Goodell

After saying good bye to everyone, I took the train to the furthest point and left Melbourne by hitchhiking towards north. Hitchhiking is always a gamble and you never know what you get or if you should jump in, because maybe the next person would take you all the way. But usually there is nothing that you can do wrong. If you are standing at the wrong place, someone will pick you up and bring you to a better hitchhiking spot. This time I think I got 4 hitchhikers in a day, from morning to evening, no actually even 5. First someone that brought me to a better place, than a business man bringing me to another spot and after that a really helpful older woman that invited me for shopping, and fruits. She was so great. Also I was her first hitchhiker but she said I looked really kind. Like I found out she had German roots and told me a lot about the area. After that I got picked up by a farmer, by then it was around 40 degrees and when I left his car in … it was 45 degrees. From there I thought that I was stucked. I asked all the truckers on the truck stop, but because of insurance they wont take hitchhikers anymore, which is a really sad for both, they could listen or tell a nice story and wont have to drive alone while you get to your destination and get some knowledge about the area or other interesting stuff. At this time I never saw a place this flat, streets going straight and merging with the horizon. Here and there some bushes and small trees, and endless amounts of flat red sand in every direction.

Heat wave while I was hitchhiking through Australia.

Personally it looked cool, but not at all inviting to me. Australia is the oldest, driest, and the flattest inhabited continent in the world with the least fertile soils. Australia has a landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometers, Europe covers about 10,180,000 square kilometers. Wile Europe got a population density of 72.9/km2 , Australia got 1.8 inhabitants per square kilometer and remains with this amount among the lowest in the world. Australia generates its income from various sources including mining-related exports, of those are most kept bye other countries, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing.

Lovely hostel kitchen. The hostel was great for a big city as Sydney.

Well after 2 hours in the heat and no luck, I strolled through the small town until I ended up at a park where a few people where doing some water skiing in the evening sun. I sat down to relax and think about the day. I already came half way towards Sydney, which was great in for a day. When I started speaking to a guy hanging out there, his car broke down so he was stucked in the small town as well, he told me his mates will pick him up, so I might join in if there is a place left. Through this opportunity I made it to Griffith, after falling asleep and being super happy that I got a lift with those guys, they were all from the Islands and as old as me. Very kind and sympathetic guys. I slept near the park, after a drunken guy told me that it is too dangerous to sleep at the bus stop. He said there are a lot of drugged people and they would rob me. Well anyway the other spot was better to sleep, and after getting eatan by huge ants I installed my hammock and slept off the ground. I really didn’t like Griffith. To dirty, not my vibes. The cool thing was that it was encircled in fruit orchards, but after hitchhiking the next day, I found out from a farmer that the orchards are closing down one after one, due to too much trouble with the climate. In general I didn’t like a single town that was more than 100km far from the coast. They are dry, super hot, full of drugs, bad food and actually really ugly. I have to add that I just made it to Noosa, not further north, due to to much rain in the north. I can understand that 85% of Australians live in 50 km of the huge coast of Australia. It was not at all inviting to live in the middle. It is cool to see but that is it in my opinion, haha.

Flat roads into nothing

The next morning, I had a wash, got a lift out of town, from there a lift of the farmer I met and than a lift of a couple, taking me to next town, but just to get an idea of me and brought me all the way, 6 hours to Sydney. AMAZING!! In a cool car, with two awesome people. They were so nice. The woman was a Maori from New Zealand. I met a lot of people from New Zealand, and 75% of those preferred to live in New Zealand again. Her friend was an Aussi and together they were visiting their family in Sydney. They drive every two weeks to see them. After a massive thanks to them, I took a train into CBD. Sydney is huge and very different to Melbourne. It is a beautiful big city with huge parks and amazing architecture. Huge harbors and Sidney is stretching so far along the coast. It is huge. I realized that after a Sunday trip to palm beach. On Sunday it is also super cheap to travel by public transport, 2,70$ all day. I really liked that idea, this should be a standard in big metropolis. When I left the train I was in the middle of Sydney. At that time Sydney wasn’t that beautiful, because there was a lot of construction work going on, but if you imagined it without , the city would have been beautiful. After booking a few cheap nights in a hostel I made my way through some parks towards the hostel at Kings Cross.

View from the hostel.

I really liked that corner. Walking along the harbor side with huge military boats and fancy restaurants and hotels and bars. My favorite spot though was art space. Two of the tree days in the hostel were spend there, free drinks, nice people, interesting art and funny talks. And again I didn’t have to buy any food due to dumpster diving in a Woolworth supermarket. As soon as I left the harbor side the there was nothing fancy anymore. Usual shops, homeless, and small thin roads winding up and down the hill at Kings Cross.

I think I will summarize Sydney in another block the next time. There is gonna be cool stuff to tell, how I met my old neighbor, swam in a pool and had a sauna in the 7th floor and slept in the 35th floor of a tall building just in the CBD. About palm beach, people throwing out surfboards and all kinds of fancy stuff, dumpster diving and strolling through Sydney and my favorite spot to chill out. About huge spiders crawling over our heads, amazing views and Ubercheats.

The boat is coming on well, we got the masts installed, also two spreader broke. Yesterday we shifted our meeting to bring the boat into the water. Some parts that we ordered weeks ago still didn’t arrive. Good it is a bit colder at the moment here, it was like working in a sauna inside of the boat. But we are proceeding, slowly but forward.

Be aware. Climate change is real. Use your bike. You will not die by cycling 5 km on a daily. Even if it is gonna be with a backpack on your shoulders. It is possible and it is funny. Get away from the idea that a car is representing status. A car is consuming energy that is being sucked on a harmful way from mother earth and spit on her in an even more harmful way.

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