Travel.P #32 – Living in a small paradise Wanaka

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.

Samuel Johnson
I m a hot hitter, I m a gwoap getter we grill beef ni++a charcoal.

Next to eating weed salads out of our garden, they are apparently more healthy and richer in vitamins and free, than these overproduced salads of every kind in the supermarket. Just saying. We ate very healthy unless Lorna was making another 400 liters of her super addictive ginger white chocolate cookies, Kate brought treads from her job or we made some cake, which happened rarely. Or I took some brownies or sticky date surprise from my job for my housemates. Food was generally made only out of vegetables and healthy good fats. We looked very healthy and felt great. One of my favorite things to do was to put the hammock up, just at the lake and stay in it until the sun is gone, read, fall asleep or warm someones freezing cold feet. It was super peaceful. We were exposed to wind and sun, where of the wind rocked us gently in the strong sun while we lay covered together opposite each other in the hammock that we found in Wastys, THE second hand shop.

Hang out at the lake

Another favourite thing was swimming in the morning in the ice cold water or doing some meditation at night after work, before joining the already asleep and cuddled up Lorna in bed. Coming home, to our small house was every time a great feeling of belonging and community. I really enjoyed my tolerant housemates, because I could imagine it is not too easy to live with me, since I mark the house with things that I take of and forget about them and left the kitchen not always clean. I really appreciate all of you guys. You were my first house mates and I will never forget about it. Holy our illegal sou-renter was a great house mate as well. We never became friends for life, but she was great and her baking was out of this world and I am speaking of bread, and I have a German background, so I can tell how bread tastes. In front of the house I installed a TRX to keep us fit, with that Lorna never became friends, but maybe due to my navy coaching style, haha. In the small garden bit in the front we made meditations and had some breakfasts there. I even discovered a favorite spot over the bench on the side of the porch, that is covered by sun in the morning. Sitting elevated and covered in warm sun was a great feeling to start with into the day.

One night there were some kids, trying to steal out of our garden, but I caught them, just in shorts at a cold night.15 minutes later, when I came back, Lorna and Kate were standing on the porch with knifes in their hands, haha. I already mentioned the community feeling. Apart from that life was easy and peaceful, our gay neighbours sometimes lost their lovely little cat. They were great and always tried to help, when I asked for it.

My personal highlight was my time with Lorna in in the house and when a package after the second try, it was already back in Germany, arrived. It was from my family and supposed to be for my birthday. Max put Morio Muskat, a German high class wine, in it that we drank when we tattooed each other in the living room. My first tattoo, and quite painful. Lorna tattooed me and I tattooed her, if you see the tattoos you can tell, haha. I guess the packages of Schwarzbrot where Lornas highlight.

Rare low snow level day

A life hack discovered by Lorna was to top up our hp-printer inc with little bottles for a 10th of the price of a new inc bottle of the companies. We just followed Youtube tutorials. That was when I send a picture to my mum and she thought we would take LSD, haha, I wonder what would happen when you take printer paint in your veins.

Faster than the police allows

While I was living in the house I started falling in love with books. I never had a good connection to books, but somehow I really like them now. The idea of someone sharing his knowledge, gained over years and years, shared on a few pages. Also fantasy is amazing, it takes you so far away and it makes it super hard to just get the book out of your hands. Especially with mate. The fact that when I start reading, with the thought of only reading a few pages, and getting lost in the book and it’s wonderful language and world shows how amazing those stories are. Maybe one day I will take you far away in my blogs while telling you about my journeys.

Sky dive with greetings to mum

Here we go last day of work. It was sad but I was also looking forward to spend my free time outside. Why outside? Because we did the amazing decision to move from our house to live on a campsite, at least for the summer. Just next to a small river with clear ice cold water, coming from the dam Lake Hawea. But first we had to clean the house and move everything. And the moment you start moving is the moment you also realize how much shit is there to store in an already tiny house. I thought we were living with not to much stuff, but after the third car, and still stuff to move I was shocked.

The more material we lose, the less we have. The less we have, the more we win.

Anthony Liccione

most valuable item

But even when the last car was packed and we left the horror didn’t end. The Scoby fell over while driving and after opening the back of the van it dropped on the street and died. RIP, you were always giving us the pleasure of a great Kambucha taste. Once everything was unpacked at the campsite, we got rid of more and more stuff at Wastys and finally it was enough to have a comfortable amount of stuff. Lorna and Kate made a very good job cleaning the house and we painted some wood in the kitchen that looked bad so that we got all our deposit back, that was absolutely worth all the stress before.

Best cookies of my life. No kidding

In the end I would say, for the winter a house in Wanaka is totally worth it and a lot of fun. It feels amazing to sit around the fire, sipping some wine and inviting people over for dinner. A hot shower, oven and a lot of storage, with a nice couch and a rocking chair acting like a transformer made life very comfortable and relaxing. Lorna and Kate had nice smelling incense sticks and great smelling oil that made it all even more like a home. After a cold right home from work, the bed was always my personal highlight. Reading with mate in the rocking chair was already worth a whole weeks rent, haha. Good was that Kate and Lorna bought firewood before it got really cold, so that the price was alright. If I would do it again, I might look for a way to live closer to the ski area, to do more skiing, but I mean it was not like I was bored. I had a van to build, another to repair, books to read and lovely other things you can do on sunny cold winter days.

Hey could you describe Lorna in a few words? Dressing gown..

Wanaka was an amazing place, though in the end the mountains became to depressing on me and I was craving oceans and another panorama. No question, it is the most beautiful place I lived so far, but like I just rad in three questions from Jorge Bucay, an Awesome book!, it is important to leave things so that new things can take its place. Also that there are wrong thoughts about ever lasting love. It is not possible to choose your love, on which way and how strong. Love is just there and it might fade one day, and that is the way of life. It fades and it faded for Wanaka, no one could have influenced me on that, since I love on my way. That doesn’t mean that it is not possible to love for ever, but that it is also normal when it stops, accept it and go on with your life. No one can change it. What I experienced is, however hard the pain of leaving behind is, it is always worth it to love. Love is a big part of us and it should not be suppressed in my opinion.

Next time in my blog I will tell you about living outside on the campsite and why it was the best decision, to leave the house and be outside for the summer. Life was amazing and Max, the brother of Lorna came. Through him I discovered making jewelry and together we planned a great Christmas. I will tell you about solar panel installations on Chubaka and about nearly exploding batteries of my drill. I will tell you about stress with the warden and a lovely time in the van. About my favorite cycle in Wanaka and fishing fails, as well as jumps from the big bridge and my life after nearly half a year in a high pressure job.

Are you doing what you want to do? Is your job/friends/partner/animal/thing taking to much of your life? Maybe talk to it or get rid of it. Change it. Your life is to precious to waste it.

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