Travel. P #33 – Moving house to Chui and the Campsite

Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time.

Hannah Arendt

After our little disaster house leaving action, we arrived with loads and loads of stuff at the campsite. We thought we lived quite minimalism, but when there is room, stuff will fill it over time. Luckily it was not raining. The first we did finding a great place to live, and we found one, due to that I lived on this campsite last year for a few days. Our spot was joust next to a river, that is floating around the campsite. No car sounds no noise, except the river, birds and the trees around us. And us, unpacking, sorting, sorting again, sorting out and sorting again after sorting out. Max, Lornas brother was even so shocked that he wanted to escape the mess, haha. Luckily he stayed so we set up a great pavilion construction, with ropes and cheap stuff from Wasties. After around 5 times driving to Wasties sorting stuff out, the camp was lovely ad cozy. Still to much for the campsite warden so we sorted again a few times. Our set up was that Max slept in Mitzi, Kate in her big tent, where 75 percent was storage, that was very good for us and Lorna and me slept in Chui, our Hiace that we converted at the house and finally lived in it. It was a great home, beautiful and very comfortable. I’m quite proud on what we fabricated there, it was a lot a lot of work. Way more than I planned but in the end totally worth it.

Our little mascot of the camp

Our set up was a pavilion, that I found at the dumb, with a huge tarp above and later art and nice cloths hanging from it and waving gentle in the wind. It was all quite colorful, but not too much. We sat on the rear seating bank of Chui, the legendary rocking chair by a BBQ grill as well as a small kitchen area. Around our camps were the cars parked. A night was 5 euro, and with a few occasions the best money I ever spend in campgrounds.

Since I quit my job I had time to read, chill out and learn stuff, like making jewelry from copper wires from trashed house machines. I really enjoyed my time on the campsite. Lorna was working at her new job, while Kate was still at Alchemy. Lorna wasn’t happy with her job, but therefor it was in 5 minutes cycle distance, so she nearly always took the car, sad but true. The worst was that her hair was smelling like fries, but since we slept next to a beautiful river we just went for a bath. So beautiful. The water was very cold and refreshing you until your core.

Our little temple.

In general we were outside all day, hanging in the hammock and falling asleep by the song of the river. It got strong current bits, gentle current bits and a pool. Lorna and me loved to go to the pool, the water was super clear and very refreshing. It took each time a little motivation push to go in, but once in the water it became very comfortable, especially later in summer.

Next to us were Georgia and Jack in their awesome tent. A couple so relaxed and full of good vibes. Each got individual vibes and together they made a great couple vibing together, Jack quiet while Goergia was exploding with energy. It is a shame that their van broke down. Next to the two Lui, a friend from last Christmas, that I met with Marie, was living exactly at the same spot than the year before, just this time by himself. He loved it there, cycling around, swimming, talking to the ducks and bathing in the peaceful energy of this place. Lui was a great guy, always good for a little laugh and a good helping hand when needed.

Christmas with Lorna and Kate

One day Max came back with some mushrooms with red heads and white dots. He told us that from a friend he knew its possible to hallucinate from them and that they are actually not to poisonous. Max is a great guy, but sometimes it is better to not take everything serious that he says, haha. So since I didn’t know that from the beginning we all ate the actually very well spiced and delicious shrooms. After 15 minutes we started feeling something. But that was everything but hallucinations.This feeling converted into a stronger and stronger feeling of being about to puke. Lorna was first, followed by me and Max, puking into the stream. Kate stayed strong, but even she didn’t hallucinate, so in my opinion, cool to try but not really worth it, haha.

While we were living at the camp our plants, we took from the house, started growing an looking better and better. Like our little Christmas tree, recovering from its dry period in the house. It became full of little green needles and was dressed up and ready for Christmas day.

Xmas Dinner Chef Lorna after 200 cans of beer and wine.

Just before Christmas, we had a group of idiots, really dickheads, not respectable of us nor the general peace of this place, living next to us, but after a few harsh words of Lui they stayed calm and didn’t make to much terror in our small peaceful community.

When Christmas day arrived we had a great day together, BBQ, self made beer, and a whole list of challenges with friends passing by. River floating race, stone skipping, weeds on treats, stone tower building, swimming, cherry spitting, bridge diving and many more. It was a beautiful day, sunny warm and full of fun and joy. Just when it got too warm a river came appeared to cool us down. Our meal was delicious, sadly Max and me didn’t catch any fish, luckily Lorna and Kate expected us to fail and bought some, haha. Later when the sun settled down, we were sitting together by “red wine in the moonshine” played on a guitar and sung long and loud into the night. What a great day and my second Christmas in New Zealand, but nearly on the same spot.

December was a great month, I cycled along the two rivers to Wanaka or to Lake Hawea. Both cycles were beautiful with views on the mountains away from cars and noises.

We also managed to install our solar panels on Chui. It looked awesome in the end. Everything went really smooth except that nearly a battery of my drill exploded due to charging it without a regulator straight from the panels, haha. That was really scary, It blew up and stared steaming and boiling.


While living on the campsite, we sometimes went for nice hikes and camping around the area. I really enjoyed the Liverpool hut hike, easy until the last 20 percent, and those totally destroy you, climbing nearly a wall of trees. The view on top was awesome on big mountains and the valley that we crossed. We also saw a group of cows crossing the river with its small calvs. It was very interesting to watch. The cows were very patient with their calvs and stood upstream from them to take some water pressure away. Some where even standing for minutes just in the middle of the stream, i guess to show them that it is not a dangerous river to cross. The river itself was beautiful, sourced by ice shaped by waterfalls and the valley. Amazingly refreshing and super clear.

I also went to the Muellers Hut, next to Mt. Cook again, this time with Will, a friend I worked with at the bar. We stayed for a night and met some great people up there. It was a funny evening and we all did some yoga together, that never happened to me before, but is actually a great way to connect and stretch at the same time. Sadly it was foggy so we couldn’t see a lot, but it was also beautiful in this way. Bits of rocks and mountains appearing like a phantom and getting swallowed in the white mist again.

View from our bed. So lovely.

Lorna and me had a great time and a beautiful last month together. We spend so much time together. It was really hard to leave after Christmas, but after a big Pizza and a lot of tears I sat in my plane to Melbourne, off to a new adventure in my life. I was happy I booked from Queenstown, so I could see the mountains and its lakes in between while flying to Melbourne. After half a year with Lorna and Kate it was really painful to leave. I shared so many great memories with them and had a really beautiful time. But like described in ‘into the wild’ I “was thrilled to be on his way and relieved as well – relieved that he again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, and all the messy emotional baggage that comes with it.” It sounds hard, but it is true. Emotions in friendships and intimacy is awesome and a big part of live, but “we can’t stand around people for very long. So we get ourselves lost, come back for a while, then get the hell out again.” In my opinion to grow and adventure, to find challenges, connect with other people and return with growth and memories to share. I think I am very lucky that Lorna is open to living like this, also I would love to spent just a year with her somewhere abroad and go through these challenges together.

Long time has it been since I wrote my last block, loads happened and not much time was there to sit down and write. I hope to write again more in the near future and update you. At the moment I am in Port Saint Luis in Marseille and repairing a boat with a few friends to hopefully sail soon. But a boat is loads of work, so I found my private hour in the morning, to write and do some meditation. Its a hard challenge on your mind, so you have to stay cool, otherwise you would become crazy.

Next time in my blog I will tell you about my arrival in Melbourne, Australia and my not very common style of living over there. My solution to get healthy good food and to actually starting to get really into writing a block.

Fully enjoy when you treat yourself, if it is a cookie or spending money. When you do it enjoy it fully. Don’t do it next to disturbing things.

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