Travel.P #28 – Birthday and Van Conversion, Chui was born

What gets measured gets managed

Peter Drucker

On my birthday I worked. But before that Lorna and me made cake. She made carrot cake while I made a cheesecake. To my very surprise, hers was way better. I was so happy to share my birthday actually with people that are close to me. We had a lovely time and I was more than happy. Actually the baking of a cake is always the most fun in my eyes. The consuming is the pleasure of all the love mixed into the cake. That’s why even if sugar is not on my diet, cake with love is always good for me.

Birthday oleee

A few days later a package from home arrived. My little bro put a bottle of Morio Muskat inside. I was so happy to get a package from home. A lovely letter, schwarzbrot, pictures of the fam and a book of god. I am not a fan of the church anymore since to me it is a greedy, sly institution. Everyone can believe in an afterlife or in god or in whatever, but no one as to pay for it or is bombed/brainwashed by a religion to buy things that raise your chances to reach heaven.

Love from home

Morio Muskat was consumed on a special day, the day of my first tattoo, and the special thing about it, Lornas first tattoo as well and they were homemade. I always wanted to have this tattoo and I was amazed that Lorna would join me, I am so happy with the tattoo. Even if there is no future in us, there is still the time, captured in this and love is for everyone.

Another day, where I was off work I hitched to Dunedin to pick up a van that I bought on trade me. I started from Wanaka, to Cromwell, to Alex, to Dunedin. I even got picked up by a woman that lives maybe 50 km away from me at home, haha. My last pickup was, as you know, the cousin of the prince of Tonga, still no kidding. He was the most down to earth person and owns his own Island, just next to the main Island. His Family lives on another Island and some German Nazis that escaped the war life there as well. Crazy stuff going on. Well anyway, he wasn’t a fan of work and die he was more of the opinion that it is okay to sit under a mango tree for a day and relax. He is very great and told me some funny stories about the royal life and his family. I hope I will see him again in his country to share his experience of Tonga with me. I hope he will write a book, so that he shares his point of view of life and his experiences. Cheers Laki.

Once in Dunedin he drove me all the way to the car pick up, told me the engine is good, because he knows a bit about diesel engines, lucky me. Later we hung out until into the night and I sadly declined his offer to hang out at a friends house and drove all the way home. Again I arrived somewhere in the very early morning in Wanaka. I even saw some snow on my way to Wanaka. The van did very good an I was happy I got it for a good price of 2.5k$.


Later on I got some tools from Wasties or online and could start converting the van. It is in the end made from at least 85% of recycling material. This all took a bit longer, but hey I had the time and I loved it. Lorna and me worked days and days on the van. For me it was very good I started work at 5ish so that I could work early on the van and later on cycle to work.

In the end the van turned out very good. Maybe I will make a blog page just for the Van, so you can follow and read some advice and things I would do better the next time. We put a lot of anger and love into the van, because things turn not always out like they are supposed to, like plusnuts you little super helpful motherfuckers. Especially when you slip the tenth time while installing one plus nut and you girlfriend asks you for advice. Not the best timing.

Later when we got new tires for the cars, we realized that you should never get a 13.5 tire, since they are ultra rare and following ultra expensive, so be careful what you buy. You are always smarter in the end, right?

Well after the fire wood went slowly into CO2 also the wood of the van was getting less outside and more in the van. In the end I am very happy how things turned out and I am proud on myself as well as I am proud off Lorna , she did a very very good job. Especially in getting the self contained sticker and the interior design. She made a beautiful sink, seat covers and fixed here and there jobs that I wasn’t patient enough to do. Later on we installed two 100 watts solar panels and now everything is working perfectly. 230 V access and enough battery capacity to charge advice over night. Everything turned out pretty cool. We even made a wooden roof rack that turned out very helpful when we brought the winter stuff to Kates sister, while we were on our way Dunedin to get our rust hole finally fixed so we can get the WOF.

With the next Van that we bought, we met Seth, a good friend now that is living in New Zealand and is designing super awesome stone carvings. Wow he is crazy talented and super down to earth. I really like his vibes, even if he talks a lot, but that is cool, I like his stories, especially his stone back-country searching stories. Today I carry a necklace designed by him around my neck. It is beautiful and suits my person. Well anyway, he introduced me to stone carving, which I really liked, but I destroyed the dremel and had to stop sadly. The van became later on Max’s home, Lornas bro. We had some cool trips in that van as well, but it is sold now to a happy backpacker, cruising around in NZ. I just fixed that van up a bit and made it ready for backpackers to enjoy New Zealand.

Seth introduced us to Kombucha and Lorna and me got fast into it. Kombucha is a a fermented, slightly alcoholic, sweetened black or green tea drink as a functional beverage for its health benefits, especially gut issues. I also tried some Kombucha coffee which is nice. It is produced by fermenting tea using a culture of bacteria and yeast (the SCOBY).

Seth gave us his SCOBY and we were able to experiment with it after a lot of research. Kombucha is a very refreshing drink and becomes fizzy when you put it for two weeks after the 3 weeks process of fermenting into an airtight bottle. Our favorite additions were apple cinnamon and the other one was turmeric pepper and lemon, I liked mango as well. But it also taste good pure.

Well with that I guess that is it for today. I finished my Travel.P #28 and are getting closer and closer to present. Next time I will tell you about my winter season and our boarding in New Zealand. I also will tell you about our tattoes and about hikes we did in Wanaka

Why don’t you call a friend and talk about something. It’s nice to call your friends more often. A partnership is not a reason to shit on you friends.

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