Travel.P #26 – Arriving in Wanaka, new Home

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

Albert Einstein

Except for picking up Max and visiting Hamish, my old boss from the farm in Canterburry, nothing special happened. The landscape was the same amazing landscape like the last time. It still moved me, but less than when I saw it the first time. All I wanted to do was reach Wanaka and see Lorna again. Driving was fun and I took my time, checked some local stores and stopped her and there. But when I came to the big opens before Wanaka I was pumped and hit the gas. The car was going without any trouble and I reached Wanaka by dark. I checked if Lorna was working, but she was home. Lucky that her coworkers called her and told her that I am there. They were all quite excited to meet me, I guess because Lorna couldn’t stop mentioning me when time came closer to meet up. I was so happy when she arrived and our hug warmed me up from deep inside. I felt so happy.

From the Italian restaurant, I followed Lorna in Mufi, her car, to our new home. I never really cared what house Lorna and Kate will get, because I was sure it will be a good one. The one that I saw was just beautiful. More than I could have imagined. A small house with a beautiful small front garden, packed in plants and trees with a small garden bit. A small white stone gravel walk lad to a brown porch out of wood. In general the house was made out of wood. The red roof was out of metal. with an emerging chimney in the middle. On the right side of the house were plants and than a short drive way to the back garden and the shed, out of the same white gravel. Before the property of the neighbors were a few plants and trees again. It was all very cozy and lovely. Arriving at night made the house seem even more lovely, with warm light coming from the inside and lighting the porch in a blur. I was excited to enter the house.

The inside was a bit less cozy than the appearance outside, but still nice. Lorna showed me around and I saw my bed, the first real bed I will sleep in since a long time. I was so happy and excited to start a new part of my journey there.

Life in Wanaka was very relaxed. My first week, was spent with just chilling and arriving. Kind of a recovery from the vineyards. But I became bored and didn’t just wanna sit around while everyone is at work and loose my money paying for the expensive rent in Wanaka. So I found two jobs the following days. I started working in the Thai restaurant and in the Lake bar. In both jobs as a dishwasher and later a kitchen hand. It was very exciting to work in the kitchen the first time in my life. Everything is stressed, but you try to fight the stress with your team, the kitchen. Especially in the Lake Bar we had a lot to do. I mostly really enjoyed my time there. My team was great and taught me a fair bit. My boss was a legend and the waiters and the bar staff was great as well. I enjoyed when we sat together, after a stressful night in the kitchen. Dish washing is cool and being a kitchen hand as well, it is nice to support and help as good as you ca so that the chef the food and finally the customer have a great experience.

Lorna was working for the Italian restaurant and managed it, while Kate worked in a cafe. It was cool to listen and share stories from work and blaming collegians or the boss for stupid thinks that happened, haha. Especially Lorna had mostly dramatic stories to share. I also enjoyed cooking at home and introduces the fam to my cooking. In the back of the garden we had a small veggie patch, where we planted later vegetables. After we learned about local weeds for the salad, we nearly had salads straight out the garden everyday. I never knew that weeds out of your garden are way more healthy and fresher than the green stuff from the supermarket.

After a few weeks I bought my second van after Emma. It was in Dunedin, where I hitched and picked it up from there. It was a great journey, because a cousin of the prince of Tonga gave me a ride. No shit. He was an amazing guy, with great stories about his life and his country. We spend the whole way talking and hung out a few hours in Dunedin, when I finally drove home. It was when I was fasting the first time in my life for two days and a great experience. The van was working well and I had a great time driving home, through the beautiful landscape, even at night.

That is my introduction that I can give you to my life there. In my next blogs I will tell you more in detail what was going on, snowboarding, learning how to ski with disabled people, enjoying the scenery. How I actually got the job. Cycling around next to the most beautiful river I have seen so far in my life. Why I was swimming in literally ice cold water and hanging out in a Jacuzzi in the ski area. My time with Lorna, and buying a second van. Getting my first green stone and having a great time in a covered in snow Wanaka. About dinners in a heated living room and self made tattoos. About our first experience with homemade Kambucha, in that we became pros, about my stolen bike different ski resorts and hikes that I loved.

It finally rained here. Here where it wasn’t so dry and hot since more than 50 years in Australia. Apparently the average temperature was 7 degrees Celsius hotter than average, climate change is happening. It is my last week here in Australia and I will go back for a few weeks to New Zealand again, I am really exited and sad that I just spend a very short time in Australia. Even if the country is fucked up, I miss a lot of beautiful nature and great experiences.

Why don’t go for a walk in the rain. Put on some waterproof clothes and listen and feel the rain coming down. I enjoy walking in the rain with chill techno on my ears. It brings you in a state of a flow. All you can do is smile and enjoy your walk.

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