Travel.P #23 – Exploring the Malborough sound

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wow, waking up at Forsyth Island was amazing. The sun was out, not many clouds were seen at the sky. We had a gentle rocking boat, a shark at the fishing rod and amazing turquoise water all over the place. We left the boat early and started exploring the island. Just where we anchored was a good looked after walkway out of grass. Those grass ways were spread all over the Island. Not visible from the sea but once on the island more and more appeared. We walked higher and follow the tracks until we were on the ridge, after 25 minutes climbing slowly the mountain up and running along the ridge. Blown by wind from the sea with views far into the Marlborough Sounds. We saw that one side of the Island was covered in trees while the other was farmland. We stopped running when we reached a beautiful made wooden lockout block with benches to lay down. We had a small smoke there and enjoyed the view.

Beautiful Sounds.

Between Forsyth Islad and the mainland was a small channel, where the tidal change was visible. It looked like a river pouring water from one big area into another big area. It is amazing to see and I still don’t wholly understand the tidal flows in this area. The tides are interfering with the position of moon and sun. One tide is the Cook straight up to two meters and the other side the Tasman Bay with a tide range up to four meters. Through those a substantial pressure can result across the area with a small phase or time difference.

Great currents in the cook straight

After we hung out at the first lookout we continued running over the Island with great speed. It was beautiful, a bit intoxicated running. You could see the bottom of the Marlborough Sounds, dark green bits and bright blue bits, the sun reflecting on the other side of the Island. We could even see the North Island. It is one of the most beautiful areas I have seen in my life. So green, so blue, with shapes of land that are so beautiful, winding its way through the water. A short stop after around 1 km at the other look out along the ridge. From there we ran descending, curving our way sometimes descending strong that we couldn’t stop running and had to hop we would not fall or slip. It was exciting and a lot of fun.

Anchored at an Island

Once I arrived at the boat, after 30 minutes or so, I went for a swim in the cold sea and enjoyed the view. Ced and Jules stopped running at one point and joined me later on. At the beach we started preparing fish, we caught the day before and started to prepare some lunch/dinner. A bird was joining us and tried to steal a bit of our fish. I waited patiently and hit it with a stick. Blood shooting from its head I jumped on it and cut its throat with a knife. After peeling of the feather we grilled the fish and the bird over the fire. It was a bit smaller than a chicken with delicious brown meat. We had a great dinner with a bit vegetables, fish, bird wine and beer.

Dinner prep at the beach.

From there we hung out next to the bonfire and enjoyed the day passing into the evening. A shame we didn’t go up to see the sunset, but the day was great anyways. After watching the stars, we all fell asleep.

The next day we left towards Nukuwaita Island, where we tacked towards Port Ligar, and there tacked again facing strong currents and a ruff sea, which was fun. From there we made it into Catherine Cove where we found shelter for the night, because strong wind was coming from the west. The wind was getting stronger the further we sailed this day.

Odin in a bay.

At Catherine Cove we spend another day, exploring and cooking our meal in an empty holiday house. It was a weird feeling, but on the other hand we left everything tidy and clean. We even watched a movie and made some popcorn. Just when we saw a boat approaching we had to escape and hide in the trees, around the property. That was quite scary, and we left the house back onto our boat, with that we left early in the morning. But Karma didn’t let us go unshorn. Millions of moskito were covering the bay. Thousands of fish hunting close to the surface or even jumping out of the water. We tried to close every little hole of the boat, but the mosquitos found a way and soon we had around 50 mosquitos hunting our blood in the boat. We tried to get rid of them with smoke, but that only stopped them for a short while. Accepting our fade we all tried to sleep and hide from the mosquitos. It was a surprising phenomena and never occurred to us again. It were literally millions, covering the water of the cove. From Catherine Cove we only had a short trip ahead to reach the scary powerful nature phenomena ‘French Pass’.

But more to that the next time. We were all surprised that the tides didn’t match the other tides on our a sailing application. Until we spoke to the guy from the small ferry we had no idea how to find a solution to this phenomena. I will show you next time how we found a solution to not crashing our boat in the tiny channel. French pass is at it’s strongest times like the flow of a strong river, ether against or with you. I will also tell you of my favorite night in a beautiful Bay in the Sounds, and our sad leaving of the sounds, with a long trip to Nelson.

How about a little barefoot run. Just rad a book, that we are actually damaging our whole body by disconnecting from the ground. Apparently our way of walking in shoes with higher heels is and our style of walking, that we hit the ground with the heel first is destroying our whole body. So when you walk or run, maybe consider doing it the right way with your front foot first using our natural spring system do absorb the shock on our body. Our feet are massively underrated and really consider buying barefoot shoes to not damage you any further or find your way back to health.

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