Things that helped me a lot

What do you mean with things that helped you a lot?

Things and experiences that make life more fun, that I went trough and changed the way I look at things and how I feel.

Most important is working your chest at least three times a week, brother.

My top ten:

  • stopping alcohol (only drinking maximum once a week a beer on my Fridays), safes so much money. (I still have a few on some parties or BBQ evenings), I have never been a big advertiser of any drugs. They are fun, but life is really awesome and you don’t need drugs to be honest.
  • going bear-foot – safes so much trouble with shoes. Way better for your health, especially running bear-foot. No more blocked circuit of feedback and energy from the ground. (shoes steal ability to find balance, rob our muscles of supporting our own weight), in cities you can wear barefoot sandals out of leather.
  • getting of carbs, bread, sugar
  • taking more time for things (especially while traveling, not rushing)
  • reading instead of hanging on the phone (my last phone contract was 2017, there is WiFi all over the world)
  • no more sun lotion, shampoo, rarely soap -> I surprisingly smell better, it seems like after using soap I will smell stronger than without.
  • Cold exposure, cold showers, cold swims
  • getting food from bins, sounds weird but never had any diseases of it, the fact that there are often fruit and vegetables makes it actually fairly healthy and it safes incredible amounts of money and reduces rubbish (sharing becomes more fun because you kind of didn’t pay for it with money). Respect the rules tho.
  • Meditation (so mainstream, haha but it helps keeping your spirit in balance)
  • Stop buying expensive gear, so far doing very well on second hand.
Bin raid with my old neighbor in Sydney

Other thing that are helpful:

  • Pushing myself to socialize
  • becoming a better listener
  • writing my blog -> kind of a diary
  • focus more on myself, doing more what I want to do and not caring what others think of me
  • helping wherever it is needed
  • working voluntarily
  • push myself into activities – when I feel resistance or am scared I usually try to go for it
  • working in new different jobs
  • living and working in other countries (massive difference to just traveling through it)
  • remembering that I am one with nature, I will die and nothing will stay
Keep exploring. Pretty much everything is already explored, but as long as you don’t inform yourself about it, it isn’t for you.

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