– Let’s Change a Little Bit-

Mayeso – Malawi

Mayeso James:

“My name is: MAYESO JAMES, am 34 years old.

I live at chikanda in one of township of Zomba.
I grew up in the village of m’dera some part of Zomba.
Am working at AFRICYCLE company as mechanic. I met with my wife in the year of 2012 at 6miles where we used to playing football.
I have 3 childrens they are all girls 2 are twins and they also going to school, the twins are at primary school one is at day care school but before i married I got my wife with one child and she is also at primary am also the one who taking care (step daughter).
The problem that we have mostly is poverty because people are lack of food, uneducated of school fees, clothes, job opportunity and lack of place for living. The causes of struggle is poverty, poverty is only challenge that we face in Malawi
My house project is very, very important for me because it helps to have my own house.
It will helps me a lot, because I will never paying a rental again, because the money that I earn from my job is not enough for paying rental, food, school fees for kids and other bills . In short I will be very happy because my children they have they own house not for someone else.”

Mayeso is a friend of Simon, a close friend and member and supporter of Massafari. He spent about a year in Africa, where he worked for the same company as Mayeso.

Mayeso is the first human being that we actually supported in his dream, and helped his family a lot. And when I talk of ‘we’, I talk of everyone that supports us and gives feedback and keeps us going, so we altogether can make more and more little changes, maybe one day all over the planet.

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