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Dumpster-Diving is always a health risk, since things are thrown out, that really are sometimes not edible anymore. I advice you to look as if you are on a market, and choose the products that are good for your standards and suit your diet. I personally never got sick and do it now since a year. I go from twice a week up to four times a week, because sometimes the bins were empty or I just didn’t find any good stuff. 

Usually the food that I get from an average dive lasts me for three days or a over a week when I have a fridge. Some dives are more lucky than others, for example once we found grass fed bio beef worth 120 NZ$. Usually the vegetables are in “neat” conditions. Make sure that once you brought you dive result home, to give everything a rinse in water, to avoid unnecessary bacteria infections. Also it is good to wear gloves and old clothes since sometimes you literally ‘DIVE’ into the big bins. A head torch is very helpful and when it got a red led light mode, you reduce the chance to be seen on camera and rise your chances off a successful dive.

Don’t be scared of fences or cameras, so far these places where the easiest places to dive.

The RULES are to never make a mess! Leave the place like you found it.

Once you get told of, you can try to convince the manager that what you are doing is not at all a bad thing, and you carry the whole responsibility about your possible diseases that you could carry based on Dumpster-Diving, but in the end just walk away, smile and say thanks. Don’t destroy/damage things.

Have fun!

New Zealand Dumbster-Diving:

Favorite Markets:

Countdown, New World


  • New World Wellington City:, 279 Wakefield St. 
  • Time: All day.
  • How?: In the rubbish area behind the building, there are green bins, full with vegetable and fruits. Black bins full with bread, and behind the small loading zone where the bigger bins are you
  • can find all the products from sweets, to yogurt and meat.
  • New World
  • Time:Night time from 11 p.m.
  • How?: Climb the fence behind the building.
  • Green bins are full of vegetables and fruits. Usually good stuff in the big trash bins as well.


  • 4 Square
  • Time: All day
  • How?: Go into the small side-street until you are behind the shop. Check the black bin behind the property. Usually full with vegetables and fruits.

Albert Town:

  • 4 Square
  • Time: From 11p.m.
  • How?: Check the bins behind the shop. Usually full of goods.



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